Halters and Leadropes

Our lovely halters and lead ropes in soft leather are developed with a focus on comfort and fit. The leather is soft and pliable and molds nicely to the horse's head.

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The design of the halters is classic, but has thoughtful innovative details that set it apart from the traditional leather halters.

Here are some details that our customers love:

Ultrasoft gel padding in the neck piece and over the bridge of the nose.

- The neck piece is designed to minimize pressure at the neck and behind the ears.

- Quick buckles on both sides to facilitate daily handling.

- Neat and light metal details for reduced overall weight.

We have put a lot of effort into making the halters sit comfortably and stably on the horse's sensitive head without causing unnecessary pressure and chafing.

On this page you will also find our popular lead ropes in leather which are available in several different designs and matching colors. The lead ropes is available with and without a chain.

Black leather

Brown leather

Tabacco leather