Stirrup leathers

Emendo stirrup leathers are popular and appreciated regardless of whether you are looking for a more stable and more relaxed shin, improved balance in the saddle, extra support or if you have problems with pinching leather or different leg lengths. Our wide stirrup leathers are wide enough to overlap the narrower lower strap.

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Advantages of Emendo stirrup leather

- Durable, easy to care for, non-stretchable
- Eliminates pinching and chafing
- The material selection of the stirrup leather makes it easy to attach, adjust length and maintain.
- Compatible with virtually all saddles, materials and stirrups.
- With soft, rounded edges and double deep seams that both strengthen the leather and protect the saddle, give our stirrup leathers a stable feel.
- Easy size adjustment with 25 holes (2 cm intervals).

High quality stirrup leathers
Eqviptus range of stirrup leathers and other equestrian equipment is made of a durable leather adapted to cope with our varying climate. Our stirrup leathers are manufactured with optimal comfort and quality in mind. We also have a large selection of different lengths.

Emendo stirrup leather replaces Clarus, which has now been discontinued

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