Explore the range of Eqviptus bridles, made from soft leather and designed to fit both small and large pony and horse heads perfectly. Our design philosophy focuses on creating bridles that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide maximum comfort and stability for your horse.

Offer! Right now both leather and clinker browbands are included with all bridles!

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Our Sensum bridle is specially designed to minimize pressure points and provide a comfortable fit for your horse's sensitive head.

Do you need help choosing the right size bridle?
Contact us via chat or e-mail and we will help you. We also offer the option of combining two sizes to ensure that the bridle fits your horse perfectly.

Size recommendation for bridle:

If you are going to buy a bridle for your horse, it is important that you choose the right size. Below is our bridle size guide.

- Pony XS: Perfect for A ponies or very small B ponies with neat heads.

- Pony: Fits B-C Ponies and is adjustable to fit most ponies in this size category.

- Cob: Designed for slightly stronger heads, D ponies fit smaller big horses. Can also be a good choice for horses that are between Cob and Full size.

- Full: Fits large horses and usually also fits XFull. Ideal for horses that normally use Full size in everything else.

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